David T Llewellyn
Professor of Money & Banking
David T Llewellyn教授,货币和银行专业方向

Professor Llewellyn is currently Chairman of the Board of the Banking Stakeholder Group at the European Banking Authority (EBA). He has published widely in the area of financial regulation, acted as a consultant to regulatory agencies in several countries and was a Public Interest Director of the Personal Investment Authority – a predecessor of the Financial Services Authority.
Research Interests 研究方向
Analysis of financial institutions and markets, financial regulation and competitive strategies in the financial sector

Key Recent Publications 近期主要出版物
Investigating Diversity in European Banking: The Role of Cooperative Banks, with R Ayadi and Reinhard Schmidt, Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels, 2010
Financial Innovation in Retail and CorporateBanking, ed. with Luisa Anderloni and Reinhard Schmidt, Edward Elgar, 2009
The Global Banking Crisis and the Post Crisis Banking and Regulatory Scenario, Topics in Corporate Finance, Amsterdam Centre for Corporate Finance, University of Amsterdam, 2010

Professor Philip Stern
Professor of Marketing
Philip Stern教授,市场营销专业方向

Philip Stern is Professor of Marketing at the School of Business and Economics. He previously worked at Bangor University and Warwick University Business School. He holds a visiting Professorship at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute at the University of South Australia.
Philip Stern教授是商科和经济学院市场营销专业方向教授,之前曾任职于班戈大学和华威大学商学院,同时也是南澳大学埃伦伯格低音研究所的客座教授。

He has managed and contributed to numerous executive courses for companies including TNT, Barclay’s, Diaggeo, Unilever, Carlsberg-Tetley, HSBC and Severn-Trent. He is also co-author of “Marketing Management and Strategy” ,a leading text in the area, and has contributed chapters to edited books, and has published or presented over 60 papers at conferences around the globe.
他为如TNT, Barclay’s, Diaggeo, Unilever, Carlsberg-Tetley, HSBC, Severn-Trent等公司监管并设置众多实用课程。教授也是“市场营销管理和战略”— 行业顶级教科书的共同作者,在书本的编辑、出版等方面做出了重大的贡献,并且在全球各类相关会议中展现了该本教科书60多页的内容。

Research 研究方向
Professor Stern’s research is focussed on market segmentation, the pharmaceutical industry and the prescribing behaviour of general practitioners. Current projects are:
research into branded versus generic pharmaceuticals
the impact of promotion on sales
forecasting trial of new brands
identifying innovators
brand decline
industrial contracting

Publications 出版物
He has published many articles in journals including Management Science, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Marketing Letters, Long Range Planning, British Journal of Management, Omega, Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Communications Law. Professor Stern is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Medical Marketing, and acts as a reviewer for journals including Marketing Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Marketing Letters, Organisation Studies, British Journal of Management.

Professor Graham Murdock
Professor of Culture and Economy
Graham Murdock教授,文化和经济学专业方向

Professor Murdoch held the Teaching Chair at Stockholm University, served as Professor at the University of Bergen, and held visiting professorships at a number of other universities including ; Auckland, California at San Diego , Curtin (Western Ausralia), Mexico City, and Helsinki .
He is a Visiting Fellow in the School of Journalism at Fudan University and also taught at a number of Chinese universities, including: Peking, Xi’an, and the Shanghai School of Arts.
Research 研究方向
His research is grounded in a distinctive approach to critical inquiry which combines insights and methods from across the social sciences and humanities to explore questions around change, power, inequality, risk, and representation. It has three main strands. The first, examines the role of communications in the constitution of modernity. The second approaches the relations between culture, communications, power and inequality through a distinctive critical political economy which combines: research on how corporate interests structure the underlying dynamics and practices of mediated communication ; work on public cultural institutions as guarantors of the cultural rights of citizenship; and explorations of patterns of everyday exclusion from and engagement with core communications resources. The final strand, which embraces studies of political demonstrations, riots, ‘terrorism’, and biotechnologies, focuses on the organisation of public definitions and responses to perceived threats and risks.

Professor Michael Henshaw
Professor of Systems Engineering
Michael Henshaw教授,系统工程专业方向

Michael Henshaw is Professor of Systems Engineering and leads the Engineering Systems of Systems (EsoS) Research Group. His research focuses on integration and management of complex socio-technical systems, with a particular emphasis on the challenges of through-life management of systems and capabilities.
Michael Henshaw先生是系统工程专业方向的教授,是系统工程系统研究委员会的负责人。他的研究方向集中在复杂的社会技术系统集成和管理,尤其重在强调系统和功能终端管理的挑战。
He joined British Aerospace (later BAE Systems) as an aerodynamicist and worked for seventeen years in aeronautical engineering tackling problems associated with unsteady aerodynamics (computational and experimental) and, later, multi-disciplinary integration. He was appointed to a chair in Systems Engineering at Loughborough in 2006 to direct the large multi-university, multi-disciplinary programme, NECTISE, that ran from Nov 2005 – April 2009. This was a £4M investment by EPSRC and BAE Systems to research NEC.
Michael Henshaw教授以空气动力学家的身份加入英国航太系统公司并且工作了17年,主要负责的领域是航空工程中非定常空气动力问题的解决(计算和实验),然后是多学科综合研究。教授2006年被任命为拉夫堡大学系统工程学院主席,来指导由多个大学、多个科目组成的NECTISE项目,该项目成立于2005年11月,由EPSRC和英国航太出资400万英镑对网络化作战能力进行研究,该项目与2009年4月完成。
Journal editorial board membership
•Associate Editor of the Aeronautical Journal
•Member of Board of Associate Editors of IEEE Systems Journal
Advisory Roles
•Member at Large of NATO RTO Systems Concepts and Integration (SCI) Panel and chairman of Working Session A (Capability Planning and Management Allocation)
•EPSRC Peer College member since 1997
•Member of National Defence Industries Council (NDIC) Working Group on Systems Engineering and Open Architectures
•Member of Aerospace & Defence KTN Systems Engineering & Open Architectures NTC
•Member of INCOSE UK Advisory Board (UKAB)
•Academic Director and member of INCOSE UK Board
•Chairman of INCOSE UK Capability Working Group
•Co-Chair of IEEE SMC Technical Committee on Systems of Systems

Professor Malcolm King MA, DipAdvMaths, DPhil, Oxford; FIMA, Cmath
Emeritus Professor of Management Sciences
Malcolm King教授,管理科学荣誉教授

Malcolm was the founding member of the Management Science and Information Systems Research Group and has supervised several overseas PhD students with successful projects in this area.
Current research interests include mathematical modelling of recurrent competitive bidding, the impact of IT in small businesses, the interaction between organisational issues and technical factors in information systems development, the problems of failures of systems projects and the application of expert systems in management.